Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) – is a bush, which is able to resist even the most extreme Siberian winters. This plant is famous for its adaptogenic abilities. A wide range of ginseng medicinal properties is preconditioned by the variety and complexity of chemicals, which are unique only to this type of ginseng. Conducted research indicated that ginseng, which grows on Siberian territory, contains up to 30% more active components than other types of ginseng. All parts of the plant contain organic acids, essential oil, alcaloids and other nitrogen-bearing compounds, pantothenic acid, B group Vitamins, heterocyclic compounds, niacin, phenolcarbonic acids and pigments. The roots contain carbohydrates and relative compounds, sesquiterpenoids, ginsenosides, fatty oil, triterpenoids, nitrogen-bearing compounds, polyacetylenic compounds, essential oil, steroids, nicotinic and folic acids, biotin, panaxosids, Vitamins, alcaloids and highest fatty acids. Having a beneficial effect on metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, ginseng extract improves skin condition. Also it helps restore epidermis cells, regulates water amount, protecting skin from dehydration, acts as a kind of a stimulator fortifying blood circulation. Also ginseng has a nutritive effect. Thanks to all these properties, ginseng extract can be effectively used in cosmetology for treating fading, ageing and sensitive skin.