Schisandra chinensis ( Limonnik Nanai) – Is a Siberian plant, the fruit of which looks like cherries and is widely appraised for its healing properties, which make it one of the most famous adaptogens on the planet. Limonnik Nanai is extremely rich in Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, vitamin C, minerals and essential oils, which are so good for skin and hair. The fruit (berries) and seeds of Limonnik contain high content of vitamins C and E and essential oils. Every part of the plant has an essential oil with a lemon aroma, which is an effective invigorating and toning treatment. In skin care products the biological activity of Limonnik stimulates the metabolic processes, enhancing the skins protective functions and relieves inflammations. In shampoos and hair treatments Limonnik extract strengthens hair roots and stimulates their growth, relieves irritation and itchiness, nourishes and regenerates scalp, improves hair structure and appearance. Limonnik extract has an explicit antioxidant and immune-stimulating properties.